Member of the Week: Zeyon Inc.


Contact Information:

Zeyon, Inc.
3408 Mcclelland Avenue
Erie, PA

Phone Number: (814) 899-3311


What is the best piece of business advice you ever received?

The best piece of advice is to buy local whenever possible. Every day we run into people at the grocery store, the bank, our neighborhoods. We need to support each other. We’re all in this together and with networking, we can do a lot for our community. We hire from our own community, work with our universities to provide internships, utilize work release programs, and train students from our local schools.

What was one of the biggest challenges you’ve overcome in running your business?

We have challenges every day to overcome! The biggest challenge is finding and keeping a dedicated work force. Zeyon’s customers love our service. In order to provide that, we must maintain a very flexible and talented workforce. It is extremely hard to find employees who can be diversified enough to work at Zeyon. There is nobody to hide behind in a small company. Everything is very visible. But on the flip side, all of the good quality things that get done are visible as well. It is hard to keep people employed when our economy fluctuates so much from year to year. We always keep in mind, though, that NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE.