Bethesda Children’s Home / Lutheran Social Services


It’s a bright and beautiful day in Crawford County as a group of children run and climb on a playground in the afternoon sun. Off in the distance, a group of teens gather around a wheelbarrow and potting soil, getting their hands dirty, as they busily plant and water flowers outside of their school.

At first glance, you may think this is any schoolyard anywhere in America, but here on this sprawling 370-acre campus of rural farmland outside Meadville, children from across Pennsylvania have found a much-needed safe haven from the troubles of the world.

For 95 years, Bethesda Children’s Home/Lutheran Social Services (LSS) — an outreach of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America — has been giving children hope for the future by providing them with the resources to navigate the mental and behavioral issues they face in their young lives. Through proven counseling techniques and programs, coupled with an educational system that helps them become productive adults, Bethesda is rebuilding lives… one at a time.

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