Member of the Week: ProChemTech International, Inc.


Contact Information:

ProChemTech International, Inc.
51 ProChemTech Drive
PO BOX 214
Brockway, PA

Phone Number: (814) 265-0959


What role does technology and innovation play in your operations?
Our logo is “Innovation in Water Management,” thus innovation and technology play a very large role in our business. Since 2006, we have obtained 8 patents on new technologies in cooling water treatment and conversion of Marcellus wastewater into salable products, three more patents are pending. Our advanced technologies such as on site generation of electrolytic bromine, BlueTrak on-line spectrophotometric control of chemical dosage, and HighCycle and SofTek chemistry programs to control scale while reducing cooling tower water use are the major means used to differentiate our water management products and services from the many competitors in the water and wastewater management fields. In the industrial wastewater field, we are well known for developing innovative means to treat difficult wastewaters and have incorporated reuse and recycle into many projects such as the Blue Valley AMD Treatment Plant and Fish Culture Station in Brandy Camp, PA.

How do you stay ahead of the curve?
We stay ahead of the curve by monitoring professional journals in our fields, participation in technical conferences, and a rather large expenditure on internal R&D for a firm our size. For instance, we have spent in excess of $400,000 on our Marcellus R&D work in the past four years. Our firm has been described as an R&D operation that sells products and services to pay the bills. This is a result of our heritage, all of the founding people were former employees of Brockway Glass, Engineering and Research Center, Brockway.