Sunday 16 December 2018
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Manufacturer & Business Association To Honor 63 Training Graduates

ERIE — The Manufacturer & Business Association (MBA) will honor graduates from 46 companies during an awards luncheon at noon, Thursday, March 8 at the Association’s Conference Center, 2171 West 38th Street at Pittsburgh Avenue. All media are invited to attend.

“Our organization continues to develop and deliver the highest level of professional training that today’s business environment demands for more than 25 years,” said Association President John Krahe. “Knowledge is power and each recipient has recognized that the pursuit of knowledge on a continuous basis is what will help differentiate us as individuals and, collectively, as organizations from the competition.”

The MBA offers more than 44 professional training classes, as well as nine certificate series programs, which include Leadership for Team Leaders, Supervisory Skills, Marketing and Communications and HR Essentials. Class participants and certificate-series graduates work in a variety of industries, such as manufacturing, health care, service and governmental fields throughout the Association’s membership area.