Logistics Plus Proclaims June 28 National Logistics Day


ERIE, PA – Logistics Plus Inc., a leading worldwide provider of transportation, logistics and supply chain solutions, has partnered with the Registrar at National Day Calendar to proudly proclaim June 28 as National Logistics Day™ – a new annual day to recognize and appreciate the importance of the logistics industry in both our national and global economies.

Nearly 748 years ago, on June 28th* of 1271 (*quite possibly, but maybe not), the logistics industry first started to take shape when Marco Polo journeyed to China on the “Silk Road” and kept a detailed written record, paving the way for future traders and merchants traveling between Europe and China. In 1896, the first “horseless carriage” semi-truck was invented, improving how goods moved across our country. The first air cargo flight took place in 1910 between Dayton and Columbus, increasing the speed with which goods could be delivered in the U.S. In 1956, the first container ship sailed from the port of New Jersey to Texas, forever changing how goods would move around the world. Logistics connects the world and always will.

Today, logistics expenses in the United States account for nearly 8 percent of everything we make and sell. That includes packaging, warehousing, shipping, and more. The third-party logistics (3PL) industry – those that help businesses efficiently manage logistics across their supply chains (from 3PLs to truckers to warehouse managers) – represents an $800 billion industry on its own.

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